A favourite of clock collectors, the Rolling Ball Clock was invented by Sir William Congreve and patented in 1808.

The clock features an alternative to the pendulum as the escapement regulator. The traverse of a ball along the grooves on the inclined platform trips the escapement at the end of each cycle reversing the slope. The principle of the clock is such that the accuracy of the timekeeping is limited to +/-15 minutes per day.

The solid brass eight day fusee movement is gold plated and protected by a glass cover. The silver plated dials indicate the hours, minutes and seconds separately.

Solid mahogany case
Production is limited to 25 pieces annually
Certificate of Authenticity

Comitti Congreve Clock

Height: 14″ (36cm)
Width: 11.5″ (29cm)
Depth: 10.75″ (27cm)

Comitti S203G

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