We are a fourth generation watch and clockmakers based in Sidmouth , Devon and specialize in quartz and mechanical clocks of all descriptions, mantle , wall , long case etc. We have in house clockmakers that support all the clocks we sell ,from guarantee, to general servicing and approved by all the major manufacturers. Unfortunately there are not a great number of English clockmakers left. We have close ties with the few remaining; Comitti of London, and Richard Broad in Cornwall. Other brands we deal with are Keininger , Hermle , David Peterson , Thomas Kent, In House, Umbra clocks, Present time, Weiss clocks, Mathew Norman , Swiza etc.

We also specialise in watches. We stock a super collection of D’alton, Simon Carter, Skargen, Oozoo watches, Charriol of Geneva and with plans to stock Tissot watches , Omega and Breiteling, it should make for a great selection of brands . . . . . .

Other products we stock under our sister business include Handbags, Furniture, Jewellery, Beauty products, Glassware, general gifts, etc etc by companies such as LSA , Conran , REN, Umbra , The Bridge and many more…..


Modern Longcase Clocks

Skeleton Clocks

Please click on the pictures for more information!

Mantle clocks

Wall clocks

Wall clocks come in all shapes and sizes, some of the most well known names and descriptions would be clocks like the Wall regulator, Station Clock or English Dial Clocks. Unlike long case clocks which were almost exclusively weight driven , wall clocks could be either spring or weight driven , or a combination depending on the style of the case, ie. with space for the weights to fall. The advent of the spring allowed for a great leap forward in the ability to reduce the size of clocks and give them greater flexibility as to where and how they could be used. To help with the accuracy of time keeping due to the fluctuation of the power delivery of the springs between being fully wound and the end of the week, a gadget called a fuzee was developed. This Fuzee mimiced the power curve of the spring and delivered the power into the movement in a more consistant and smooth way which improved the timekeeping , something a weight driven movement avoids . Also modern day springs have developed considerably and are designed to be very stable throughout their 8 day delivery. Not withstanding the practical side , there ( as with all mechanical clocks ) is something indefinable about them , a character , a life , you have to interact with them, wind them up , adjust the time a bit, in return they give an ambiance, a tick, a tock, bring the house alive with background comfort, something unique that nothing else in the home can do . . . .


Table clocks

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